I know I over-edited these photos but Maine was so beautiful that I felt like I had to emphasize the coloring and details of each shot.

I had many more photos but I can’t seem to find them currently, I might have forgotten to transfer them over from my old laptop :O

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy these and as always let me know if you have any critiques, I always strive to improve! 😀



Sunflowers and Sun

I haven’t posted in such a long time but these are some photos that I took at the end of last Summer that make me miss all the greenery and sun. I have a lot of saved photos from the Summer that I’m going to post sooooooooooo ya hopefully you guys like them and of course I appreciate any critiques you all might have!

National Arboretum

The United States National Arboretum serves as the center for botanical research within the United States. It is a beautiful location with columns that used to be part of the National Capitol but were removed in 1958 during the Capitol’s expansion.

My favorite part, the flowers! Who doesn’t love a good old flower picture?

And lastly, the renowned bonsai trees which have little figurines set up near certain trees to make the world seem a little smaller.

My parents used to take me to the Arboretum all the time as a child. We would lay  a little blanket out on the lawn and have a picnic after looking at all the flowers and bonsai trees. It was very nostalgic getting to revisit a piece of my childhood and see how things have changed (not much has to be honest). I did come a little early this year and I visited right after we had a large snowfall so there were not as many trees and flowers as I had hoped for. Also there is a Koi fish pond, but the fish must have been moved indoors since it was too cold.

Overall still had a good time. Enjoy the photos!

Glenview Mansion



The Glenview mansion is mostly used as a site to host events like weddings and parties; Neither of which I had been invited to, but I decided to roam the grounds anyway. My favorite pictures ended up being the ones in the garden with the arches and mazes of stairways. I edited these photos to be a little darker/moodier than I usually make my photos. I think during the Spring I’ll come back and see if one of my friends wants to model in the garden area.

Also I skillfully avoided 90% of the deer poop out in the field, so I deserve a pat on the back.

Lesley, Pooja and Vasu

We went to Alexandria, Virginia! I definitely had a more difficult time taking portrait photos since the sky was not very overcast and the light was much harsher than normal. I think most of the photos still turned out pretty well. Also I’m using a 35mm 1.8 lens for those who are wondering. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of actual Alexandria, VA.

National Park Seminary

The National Park Seminary went from a summer vacation retreat to a prestigious women’s school to a medical facility for disabled soldiers. Eventually the facility did not receive enough government funding and degraded into an area of arson and vandalism. Although local preservation groups (most notably the Alexander Company) and the United States Army repaired some of the property so that it could be released for development, a large part of the park was left to be its own little ethereal world.

For more information:

National Park Seminary Article

I did not write this article and have no involvement with the Washingtonian, but I think it is good article for more information!